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About Me

I want to be your storyteller. I've made it my purpose to create music that will touch your heart and let you know that you aren't alone. I combine a bluesy/classic rock sound with modern elements to express stories and emotions in a soulful and meaningful way.

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Nobody's Business is my first collection of works available to the public. It's a full 13 track album that captures the ups and downs of life. Nobody's Business is available on all major online digital music stores as well as streaming music providers. Click HERE for more information on where you can purchase Nobody's Business

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Album: Nobody's Business
Release date: July 12, 2016

Track List

1. Hell Road

2. Gotta Get Out

3. She Don't Talk

4. Pain Free

5. I Believe

6. Her Eyes

7. Old Habits

8. Another Number

9. If Not Now

10. Letting Go (feat. Keith Murphy)

11. One Day (You're Gonna Notice Me)

12. I Can't Win (Cause I'm Too Busy Losing)

13. Breathe