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Nobody's Business is my first collection of works available to the public. It's a full 13 track album that captures the ups and downs of life. Nobody's Business is available on all major online digital music stores as well as streaming music providers. Click HERE for more information on where you can purchase Nobody's Business

About Me

I want to be your storyteller. I've made it my purpose to create music that will touch your heart and let you know that you aren't alone. I combine a bluesy/classic rock sound with modern elements to express stories and emotions in a soulful and meaningful way.

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Artist Bio

Hi, I'm Chris, the mind, heart, and soul behind Casey and the Nobodies. The goal of Casey and the Nobodies is to produce soulful music that tells relatable stories and covers important topics that many of us deal with in life. I am self-taught and write, arrange, record, mix and produce all of my music independently.

I've been influenced by many artists and bands over the years such as; Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. As well, I enjoy a wide variety of music genres. This is one of the reasons you'll hear elements from many different genres in my music. This comes through in the Nobody's Business album. In it you can hear elements of classic rock n' roll, hard rock, classic blues, surf and rockabilly.

I write about what I feel is important and puts it to music that captures the essence of the message. I put my heart and soul into every song and I do so with and independent mind. I'm not concerned with being popular or famous. I'm focussed on making music that matters, that can touch someone and help them to cope, change or find comfort. I do this because that's what music has done for me.

The driving force behind the music is the desire to sing and tell stories about many different aspects of life. The songs on Nobody's business deal with love, love lost, mental and physical pain, severe depression, being rejected, addiction, suicide, making changes, and surviving. Each song has a message to be interpreted in a way that is meaningful to you.

I'm just getting started on my journey as an artist. I released my first album in July of 2016 and I've already started on the next series of works I have lined up. There is a lot road left, a lot of living and learning that lies ahead. I'm looking forward to it and I am happy to have you riding along with me; because that's what you're doing when you listen to my music.

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Album: Nobody's Business
Release date: July 12, 2016

Track List

1. Hell Road

2. Gotta Get Out

3. She Don't Talk

4. Pain Free

5. I Believe

6. Her Eyes

7. Old Habits

8. Another Number

9. If Not Now

10. Letting Go (feat. Keith Murphy)

11. One Day (You're Gonna Notice Me)

12. I Can't Win (Cause I'm Too Busy Losing)

13. Breathe


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