Casey and the Nobodies

Hi and thanks for stopping by to visit my website.  I'm Chris Casey AKA Casey and the Nobodies.  I'm a singer/songwriter in the Mason, Ohio area.  Take a listen and you will find my music is spread over different genres.  Each song has its own vibe, takes its own shape, and just kind of becomes what it wants.  What is something cool I can tell you about myself?  The best compliment I've ever received is that I was told I sound like an Alternative Neil Young.  Yes, he is my biggest musical influence.

"Why do I call myself Casey and the Nobodies?", you might ask.  Well, I wanted to have a proper band name and the fact is that I do everything on my own.  Yup, the guitar tracks, the bass, the vocals, the midi drum tracks...  That's all me.  So, I decided on adding "The Nobodies" as a kind of inside joke with myself.  You have to admit, it's kind of catchy.  Enough about me though (for now).  If you want, you can read my full bio below to get a better picture of who I am and what I do.



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I was raised in a modest home in Pleasant Plain, Ohio.  I grew up in the country, lots of fields and woods.  My dad was a cabinet maker and my mom stayed home and took care of my two younger sisters and I until we were all in school.  Then she resumed her teaching career.  Music was always a big part of our lives.  We sang at church, mom and dad both played piano, and on occasion my dad would play his accordion for us.  My dad liked all kinds of music and had a pretty nice record collection.  I credit my dad for the wide variety of music that I enjoy.

During my younger teenage years, a friend of the family introduced me to Led Zeppelin and there was no turning back from my love of the band.  I became kind of obsessed with them, even though by then the band was no longer together.  Rock had its hold on me and there was no turning back.  In my mid teenage years, I really enjoyed classic rock from the 70's, even though Big Hair Metal was in full effect.  Don't get me wrong, I dug the Big Hair bands but I was firmly rooted in 70's rock.  Eventually, I developed a love for Metal when I was introduced to bands like Metallica, Exodus, Testament, and Anthrax.  Thrash became a big part of my later teenage years and I was often seen in my black bikers jacket and a Metallica And Justice For All t-shirt.  I bought my first electric guitar and amp and was taught the mighty power cord and had a lot of fun making racket but at this stage in my life, I didn't have the patience to really learn how to play.

Into my college years, I really enjoyed all that grunge had to offer.  You could often hear me driving down the road listening to Alice in Chains or Soundgarden.  I also started listening to punk more and bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Oh, there was also Primus, which I loved in all its weirdness.  There were just a lot of different genres and sounds coming out in the 90s.  Alt rock was really expanding.  I loved it all.  By now, my guitar neck had broken on my electric guitar and I had discarded it because I had no money to pay to repair it.  My fiancée did have an Alvarez acoustic which I would occasionally play.  But I wasn't serious about playing music.  To be honest, I wasn't really serious about much.

After college, I got married and started working on my career.  Within a few years we had our first son.  In two years time after that, our second son was born.  Those were incredibly busy years, as any parent of two young boys will tell you.  I was so busy that music kind of took a back seat.  I still enjoyed it but I didn't seek it out like I once did.  I really fell back on what I knew and had listened to in my earlier years.  These were the quiet years of my musical journey and there isn't too much to tell.  I fell back a lot on what I originally liked, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, Neil Young... You know, the classic stuff.

By the time I reached my late 30s I was in a downward spiral.  I was chronically depressed and had major issues with anxiety.  Now, I will say that I have fought depression and anxiety most of my life but these were the really dark days.  I sought help and after a few tries found a great therapist and also got on meds that helped me.  Aside from the many issues that I worked on with my therapist, she told me that I needed to find a hobby.  That old Alvarez was sitting in a corner collecting dust and I decided that guitar would become my hobby.  By now, I had changed a lot.  I was much more patient, more attentive, and more apt to stick with it.  Thanks to the Internet, I found chord charts and started learning different songs.  I worked hard at it, really enjoying making progress and being able to simple three or four chord songs.

I kept working at playing guitar and singing.  I started feeling more and more comfortable playing.  One particular evening, I spent some time with some old high school friends that I had become reacquainted with.  The boyfriend of one of my friends was playing a solo acoustic set.  I sat there watching and enjoying and thinking, "This is something I could do, isn't it?  Could I?"  I talked to him and we got to know each other and after a lot of begging, one night he let a drunken me get up and perform Country Roads.  It was the end of the night and the place was empty and he had nothing to lose.  I had everything to gain.  I did a horrible job, barely made it through the song, but everyone cheered and that was it.  I had the bug.  I needed to be on a stage.

I began to work hard at playing guitar and started writing my own songs as well as adding to my catalog of covers.  I needed to be able to fill 3 hours of music on my own.  I'm not saying I did a fantastic job, or even a good job, but I was able to achieve this.  My grandfather has just died and told my dad to set some money away to buy me a PA.  I was in disbelief.  It was one of the most touching things, my grandfather from the grave saying, "chase your dreams".  I found a little BBQ joint that I could play at whenever I wanted and I started playing a couple times a month.  I will be honest...  I was horrible.  I kept at it though and I improved.  Eventually, I saved up enough money to buy a new electric/acoustic Fender T-Bucket.

It was about this time that my friends stared to get together to have jam sessions.  I joined in on these but I didn't get to play much because everyone was so much more proficient than me at guitar.  So I bought some harmonicas and I fell in love with them.  I was now able to sit in on just about any song and there was no competition. :-)  Everyone loved my blues harp playing.  This led to a lot of opportunities for me to sit in with local bands which were amazing times.  I was even invited to join several bands but I simply couldn't commit because I wanted to put my family first.

After I had been playing live for several months, I was talking with a friend and got the idea that I should try to record music.  I had purchased some cheap gear that came with a lite version of Ableton Live.  I bought an inexpensive M-Audio recording interface and I sought out to record some very basic songs.  Now, I have always been a gearhead and I immediately fell in love with recording music.  That encouraged me to write more, play more, and invest more in recording gear and software.  I introduced myself to a lot of new concepts and soaked up all the knowledge I could get about recording, mixing, mastering, etc.  I would also learn by having lengthy discussions with other musicians.  I decided that I would record an entire album.  I worked very hard on material, worked hard on improving my skills, and worked hard on learning how to play different parts of my songs.  I wanted to prove to myself that someone with limited experience could put together an album of music that sounded great.  It took me about 4 years to achieve this.  In June of 2016 the album Nobodies Business was released.  I'm not going to say that it was popular or well received but it was quite an accomplishment and I'm proud of it.  Since then, family has taken priority but I continue to release new music each year.